I enjoy reading and writing books and wish I had more time to do it as I sued to be a much more prolific writer in the past. Below you’ll find couple books I’ve written years ago.

Quick Guide for FirefoxOS Development

This is my most popular book. It was actually the very first book written about Firefox OS in the world (I was very lucky with my timing). It has 9.799 downloads on Leanpub making it one of their bestsellers and most popular books.

And it has an awesome cover by [Raphael Eckhardt](

And it has an awesome cover by Raphael Eckhardt

Check it out at ’Quick Guide for FirefoxOS Development at leanpub. It also has a Portuguese version, which is actually the original version, I wrote that one first to support our Firefox OS App Days in Brazil. And a Chinese version translated by volunteers. If we sum all the downloads for all those versions, we get to astouding 13.888 readers, which makes me quite proud.

Building Games for Firefox OS

This was the second book I wrote about Firefox OS. The content in this book is actually not related to any specific feature of Firefox OS, it is how to build web games using the Phaser Framework, but all the debugging and distribution is written using the Firefox OS tools. In the end you produce a Firefox OS Packaged Application. Now that that operating system is no longer being produced, I’ve been thinking about revising this book and releasing it again as a plain build games for the web book.

another wonderful cover by [Raphael Eckhardt](

another wonderful cover by Raphael Eckhardt

This book is also being distributed at Leanpub and it currently has 1.671 readers. Not bad at all since this book received much less coverage than the previous one.

LiveCode Advanced Application Architecture

This is an unfinished book. I had to stop working on it due to other stuff happening in life but I am thinking aboout finishing it now. It is sooooo close to completion.

Another cover from [Raphael Eckhardt](

Another cover from Raphael Eckhardt

This book is has a page at Leanpub and if you think you’d like me to finish it, go to that page and register you interest in the book. This way, when I finish it, you’ll get an email.