DBLib — A minimalist database library for LiveCode.

DB Lib, a minimalist database library for LiveCode from Andre Garzia on Vimeo.


I am now dual licensing this library. Your options are:

  • GPLv3 License: If you abide by the terms of GPL license, you can simply download this version and use it. For more information on GPL license please go to GPLv3. Remember, you must release your application code if you're using GPL.
  • Commercial License: If you want to ship closed source software, then you need to buy a commercial license.

The libraries releases are available at the release page. The development is now being tracked on Github at the DB Lib repository.

Recent History:

  • v1.18: I have just made a new release tagged v1.18 which moves the scripts to text-only stacks, which should make it a lot easy to integrate with VCS such as git.
  • v1.20: Adds a new remote library replacement for DB Lib. This new library talks directly to a matching PHP and provides a safe solution for using DB Lib over the internet.

What it is

This package is composed of three libraries, one called DB Lib that sits on top of RevDB and talks directly with a database server, another called RemoteDBLib which talks to a PHP file which talks to the database server, this one is the one that should be used over the internet, and an add-on called Data Storage Lib. DB Lib is a little ORM library to be used on mobile applications. This library is inspired by RevIgniter, Rails and others.

Included is the Data Storage Lib add-on that offers NoSQL local document storage. DB Lib is tested and targeted at SQLite but it works with other databases supported by RevDB. The NoSQL add-on works locally using SQLite files as a storage medium.

Don't miss the documentation and the video.


There are three main resources for documentation:


Use the issues system or drop me an email at support@andregarzia.com

Refund Policy

My refund policy is simple. You have 30 days to ask your money back and then I will refund your transaction.

Download & Purchase

DB Lib is a dual licensed library. Commercial licenses can be purchased for USD 60 by clicking the button below.

Those looking for the GPL version, can download the release from the releases page.