TypeTool | Introduction

AAG | TypeTool (TypeTool for short) is a plugin for LiveCode that makes it easier to change the text properties of a control.

It can change the following properties:

It also has a handy “magnet” that can be use to copy the following text properties: textfont, textsize, textstyle, textheight, margins, firstindent and paste them into other controls.

How do I use a LiveCode Plugin

Refer to How to install custom user plugins lesson for more information.

Oh Man, this is really useful, how do I get it?

TypeTool is a part of the AAG | Tools plugin collection. This collection is a commercial offering, you can learn more about it by clicking here. You can buy the collection for GBP 40 by using the Buy Now button below.

Don’t miss the bundle

There is now a bundle of the Network Tracer, AAG | Tools plugin collection and DBLib for the discounted price of GBP 100, this is 30% off the normal price. You can get all the plugins from AAG | Tools plus the most developer friendly database library, plus the new Network Tracer together in this bundle. To take advantage of this bundle, use the buy now button below: