Tim Berners Lee Wins Turing Award

"A social network is disempowering because you put a lot of energy into it, all your personal data out there, and tell it who your friends are. You can only use that information inside the silo of that particular social network."


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Addons Hack Day

What was the event all about

Brazilian development communities are very organized with constant meetups and chatty online groups focused on specifics points of interest, regions or technologies. Most of these online groups are based on Telegram instant messaging app and basically people talk all day long. It was in one of such small talk conversations that one group member mentioned an Add-on he created, some other members expressed interest in knowing more about Add-ons because they wanted...

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Links Bacanas da Semana #2

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Links Bacanas da Semana

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Esse video do mpj sobre como ele se mantem produtivo contém uma técnica simples e efetiva!

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