Getting Started

Selecting Records

  • This lesson describes how to use the dbGet function to retrieve records from the database

  • In this lesson we learn how to use dbWhere to refine our queries. This command is used to specify filters for dbGet command so that it doesn't get all records from the database. It is also used by dbDelete and dbInsert to specify what are the targeted records for those calls.

  • dbLike is similar to dbWhere but matching part of strings.

  • The dbOrderBy command will set the ORDER BY part of the SQL statement. You can use that to set custom ordering schemes for your queries. In this little lesson we'll explore it

  • There are times when we want to limit the amount of results from a database. When this needs arise, we use dbLimit

  • Sometimes you don't need all the columns from a table. You can specify what columns are returned by using dbColumns

  • Sometimes you need to execute a complex SQL statement that is not covered by this library such as when you need to do a JOIN or execute some function call from the database engine itself. For all those needs, there is dbSetSQL.

Inserting Records

Updating Records

Deleting Records

Data Binding

Avoiding Side Effects

Using the Data Storage add-on Library