LiveCode Advanced Application Architecture eBook

Another cover from [Raphael Eckhardt](

Another cover from Raphael Eckhardt

This book expands the topics about MVC covered during RunRevLive 2013 by presenting a full metodology on how to create and organize your app to be able to reuse more code and make it easier to maintain. By presenting a variation of the classic model-view-controller software architecture pattern that is more suited for LiveCode unique programming paradigm, we raise the bar for custom LiveCode application development and increase the ROI of your apps.

This book book is aimed at those that are already programming with LiveCode but want a more structured way of building apps. If you’re constantly facing spaghetti code and don’t exactly know where to place your commands and functions or if you don’t know when to use substacks and cards, this book is for you. Our approach to the MVC style of programming will make everything fall into place easily and you will become a better LiveCoder by the end of the book.

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Table Of Contents

  • Code Conventions

    • How to name things
    • How to document your code
  • An introduction to MVC

    • MVC in 20 seconds
    • Summary
  • Models

    • What goes into the model and what doesn’t
    • Building a sane API
    • Practical: Building an address book model
    • Summary
  • Controllers

    • Controllers are like transit cops
    • What goes into the controller and what doesn’t
    • What shouldn’t be on a controller
    • Practical: Building an address book controller
    • The publish and subscribe pattern
    • Implementing our controller
    • The controller script
    • Summary
  • Views

    • Practical tips for interface design
    • What goes into the view and what doesn’t
    • Multiple views are the key to cross-platform applications
    • Practical: Building views for the address book application
    • How our view work?
    • The contacts list
    • The details view
  • Going Forward
  • Extra: Using Libraries

    • What goes into a library and what doesn’t
    • Libraries make a community more powerful
    • Practical: Adding support for vCard in the address book application
    • How to create libraries
    • Whats the difference between libraries and the MVC stuff again?
    • Conclusion
    • Summary
  • on closeBook
  • Notes

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