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I’m really into tabletop RPG and solo gaming. In this section, I’ll host my gaming diaries as I explore the wonderful world of TTRPG and solo games. In the future, I might also post stuff related to game design here.

Resources for solo rpg

If you’re new to solo gaming, you might want to check out Me, Myself, and Die which is a wonderful channel by Trevor Devall that has three seasons of solo play using different rulesets and tools.

Below is a list of the games I’m playing and the campaigns I’m going through for each game.

Four Against Darkness

Four Against Darkness is a dungeon delving game. You build four characters and put them through dungeons until you find the final boss or you’re forced to escape. The mechanics are simple and easy to learn and just reading the core book and maybe watching a couple videos on YouTube is enough to get you started. I really recommend checking the tutorial videos by Livi and the dungeon playthrough by the Tabletop Engineer.

Games I want to play

  • Apawthecaria - owned.
  • Alone Against Fear - owned
  • d100 Space
  • Savage Worlds + Mythic or SWADE Solo
  • Troika! + DIY Oracles - owned
  • AFF 2nd ed + DIY Oracles - owned

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