Rio Web Fest

Vista do Rio

Vista do Rio

What it is

Rio Web Fest is a full day of practical activities focused on digital skills and technological exploration.

Why it is important

There is a lack of events focused on new digital skills and exploring creativity in Rio. There are a lot of events for professional development and web technology but nothing that caters to this underrepresented group of new digital citizens. People who are just learning new digital skills have no way to network with each other and not many places to connect with mentors and facilitators.

Instead of throwing an event focused on acquiring new digital skills, we decided to run an event focused on producing new original content (through remixing, interventions or exploratory methods). Our one rule was that all activities must be hands-on and practical, learners and facilitators would focus on experimentation and having fun. This was not only a celebration of Rio Mozilla Club, but also an opportunity for learners from different venues to connect to one another and establish new positive relationships.

Planning a Privacy Day for a Mozilla Club

In this post we’ll share how we organized our Privacy Day here at Rio Mozilla Club, you can use, remix and adapt this to your own setting.

We have two types of activities going on during one of our club meetings.

  • Micro-activities: these are quite simple and only require a flip-chart, sharpie pens or similar and post-it notes. They usually take about 5 minutes to complete.
  • Activities: these are the same activities you find at the Web Literacy Basics curriculum. Most activities take about 1 hour to complete. For the Privacy Day we used activities from the Expanded Privacy Curriculum that is currently in testing phase.

In our events we tend to do a little roller-coaster ride oscillating between micro-activities and full activities to keep the pace cool.

Sobre TypeScript, JS e flamewars

Recentemente li um artigo no tableless sobre TypeScript chamado Diga olá ao TypeScript e adeus ao JavaScript e fiquei meio noiado tanto com o que estava escrito quanto com os comentários que eu li sobre a peça.

Eu, assim como o autor do artigo, também sou super fã de TypeScript e acho uma iniciativa mega legal da Microsoft. A linguagem começou a ficar mais famosa aqui no Brasil ao ser adotada pelos desenvolvedores do Angular 2 e assim como tudo mais que acontece no nosso país esse assunto virou briga de torcida organizada onde algumas pessoas parecem acreditar que para gostar de TypeScript é necessário não gostar de JS e vice versa, isso não faz sentido nenhum. Existem vários pontos no artigo e nos comentários que são más interpretações do JS e seu ecosistema. Pretendo falar a respeito de alguns desses pontos.

Ferramentas para causar impacto

Uma matriz de planejamento zoada

Uma matriz de planejamento zoada

Planejando para causar impacto

Todo mundo deseja causar mais impacto com suas ações porém as vezes nós não possuímos as ferramentas necessárias para gerenciarmos esses processos. Os Mozillians são muito bons em causar impacto como pode ser visto em nossas ações ao redor do mundo. Neste breve post vamos adicionar uma ferramenta extra na nossa coleção. Ela servirá para desmembrar nosso desejo de causar impacto em pedacinhos pequenos, mensuráveis e metrificáveis. Existem inúmeras metodologías e ferramentas que podemos utilizar, essa é apenas mais uma que você pode adaptar para o seu uso pessoal.

A vantagem principal de utilizar essa ferramenta é que além dela te ajudar a planejar as ações com o foco no impacto que você deseja causar, ela também te ajuda a entender se você conseguiu ou não atingir o seu objetivo. Neste sentido, ela não é boa somente para suas ações futuras mas também para suas métricas. O time de participação utiliza OKRs para o seu planejamento e esses podem ser facilmente extraídos a partir dessas matrizes :-)

Tools for causing impact

One silly badly written planning matrix

One silly badly written planning matrix

More impact through coordinated planning

We all want to cause impact with our actions but sometimes we don’t have the experience or tools needed to manage our actions. Mozillians are very good at causing impact as can be seen by our actions around the world. In this brief post we’ll add one extra tool to our repository with which we’ll break our desire to make impact into manageable and mensurable bits. There are many tools and workflows we can use, this is just a tool that you can adapt to your own usage.

The main advantage of using this tool is that it allows you to plan for the impact you want to promote and also to be sure you achieved it. In this sense this is not only good for your future actions but also for metrics. The Participation Team uses OKRs for its planning which can be easily extracted from these matrices :-)

Why you should back the new MIPS IoT Kickstarter

The Creator Ci40 Kit

The Creator Ci40 Kit

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Imagination Technologies. They didn’t contact me. They didn’t asked me to do this piece. I really like this kit and want to have it too

Link to kickstarter: Creator Ci40 Kit

Internet of Things is cool

The Internet of Things is many things and basically every group of people has a different definition of it but there is one point they all agree which is that the Internet of Things is coming and it is cool.

IoT Surge

IoT Surge

Analysis predicts that more IoT enabled devices will ship in the next years than the combined smartphones and PCs markets but I am not here to tell you that betting in IoT is a sound business decision, I am here to tell you that hacking IoT stuff is really cool.

Web of Things is cooler

The main bad trend I see forming with IoT stuff is the attempt by large stakeholders to establish vertical domination of the market where the IoT board comes from them and the smartphone device to talk to that board also comes from them and they require their app because it is using their proprietary protocol.

This would be like buying a General Motors car and only being allowed to drive in GM roads and having to fill the tank with GM Gas. Thats not really how we want this new born ecosystem to work.

Now imagine if Smart/Connected devices all played by the rules of the Web. When you arrive at someones house and want to interact with their connected device may it be a TV, garden, lights, whatever, you’d just need to fire up a Web Browser and point it to the correct address and a rich web interface would be provided. This system would be agnostic of Operating Systems, it would not require an app installation. It would just work.

How many times you’ve installed an app on your phone to use just once? For example, you go to a friends house and want to fling some content at his Chromecast. You will need to install the Chromecast app. Even if you don’t have one at your own home and will never use it again. This is not good UX.

What you want is to have your phone, laptop, smart thingy, discover devices around you and talk to them using HTTP. Just firing up a web page and playing with it. This is the Web of Things. A Web that is personal, physical and works the way you want it to work.

The Creator Ci40 Kit looks awesome!

This kit by Imagination Technologies looks awesome to play with the Web of Things for the following reasons: * It has a powerful MIPS CPU and it runs Linux, so it can serve a Web interface pretty easily. * You have Bluetooth (and BLE), WIFI and 6LoWPAN, so you’re extremely connected. * You have so many pins and ports and interfaces that makes it easy to interface with basically anything * Imagination is already doing the Web thing with their software stack.

Bonus point that the kit comes with some clicker boards that can help you interface with the physical world. If you check the price and the potential of that kit then it becomes really easy. Assembling a collection of Raspberry Pis, shields, arduinos, and the necessary connectivity adapters will quickly sum up to similar prices. I am not trying to place this kit agains Pis or start a flamewar, I am saying that this kit alone, when you check how much you are paying and the potential you have to start your own Web of Things projects is really good.

The board will connect to basically anything and has enough power to serve smart web interfaces. You can create lots of cool personal projects with it. From automated watering of your home garden to the first connected laundry machine. This is a very good opportunity.

You still have 23 hours to back up this kit, you may need to hurry.

Link to kickstarter: Creator Ci40 Kit

MozFest 2015

MozFest 2015 group photo

MozFest 2015 group photo

So it was that awesome part of the year again, the one time we all wait for, Mozilla Festival time! This was my second time being a part of this amazing event (you can read more about my first encounter with it here) and this time I was a pathfinder there.

There were 1700 attendees at the event and I have the firm belief that if you pick a group of 20 random people there and asked them what is the Mozilla Festival you’d receive 20 different answers. There will be a common theme to the answers though which is the creative nature of the event.

Mozilla’s annual, hands-on festival (affectionately known as MozFest) is dedicated to forging the future of the open Web.

MozFest is a celebration of creativity, the Web and the people who ♡ it. It is the culmination of our motto of a Web made by users for users and a place where you can learn, explore and create new things and boldly take your Web stuff to places no one though sane before!

The famous tree

The famous tree

This event is not like you usual tech convening. MozFest is a practical event where instead of being passive watching someone talk, people engage in practical activities exploring new ideas, prototypes and connecting to other awesome people. Roughly one in three people were there as facilitators meaning they were there to help others. There were sessions about basically everything, from scaling a program such as the Mozilla TechSpeakers to learning how to play the musical instrument known as Pandeiro which is a frame drum from Brazil. The Mozilla Festival will have something for everyone.