A treta sobre devs de palco

This post is in Portuguese as it concerns the Brazilian dev community.

Recentemente teve uma treta na comunidade de devs do Brasil onde várias pessoas foram acusadas de serem “dev de palco”. Nesse post, vou comentar por que esse tipo de thread é uma imaturidade sem tamanho e o que eu acho que é um uso melhor do tempo e esforço de todo mundo.

Cross-Platform Development with LiveCode

Recently I’ve read this post about the sad state of cross platform GUI frameworks and was quite impressed by how much I agree with it and how much I think we should focus more on desktop apps instead of SaaS and mobile stuff. This post is not an attempt to contradict the post mentioned above but another datapoint for those wanting to learn more about cross-platform development tools. In it I’ll talk about a real world application I’ve built for my own personal use to help me blog more.

Private client-side-only PWAs are hard, but now Apple made them impossible.

There is a huge opportunity for the creation of private client-side-only PWAs in the world but developers wanting to build such apps are in for an uphill battle against the status quo and now against Apple as well. I’ve just read a post by Aral Balkan entitled Apple just killed Offline Web Apps while purporting to protect your privacy: why that’s A Bad Thing and why you should care that made me realize that the PWAs I was building here might just be dead for iOS users.

Reactivating my YouTube channel

I really enjoy producing content and in the last years I haven’t done much and am feeling a bit blue because of that. So, to make me happier, I’m reactivating my YouTube channels and will start publishing content both in English and Portuguese. The content will mostly circle around web, IoT, game development and programming languages stuff.

I haven’t produced any new video yet but I moved the old English videos from the old Amora Labs channel, which is where I was publishing things in mixed languages. Now, the new English-only channel contains the videos in English, and the Portuguese channel still contains all the videos produced so far (both the PT and the EN ones). Going forward, I’ll enforce the separation of the channels.

A video that I think English speakers might enjoy is the series I’m starting on WebExtension development:

A video that might spike the Portuguese speakers curiosity is this one about Smalltalk:

Windows on ARM needs more support from developers

I’ve posted about my initial week with the Surface Pro X not long ago, now a month later I want to address an important topic which I see as crucial for Windows on ARM to get traction: Developer Support. At the moment it is really hard to develop GUI apps for Windows on ARM outside of the “Visual Studio ecosystem”.

As of this writing there is no native Windows on ARM versions of: Python, Ruby, Go, Rust, Pascal/Lazarus, D, Nim, Zig, Racket, Clojure, Java.

Right now, I have Visual Studio 2019 running on my Surface Pro X and I’m trying to use it to port other languages to Windows on ARM.

In this brief post, I’m going to explain why I see this as a problem; what I tried to do to solve this for my own personal usage; what challenges I faced; and some approaches that Microsoft could (and should) do to solve this.

Disclaimer: I am not a senior native developer. I am a curious tinkerer. I can build native, mobile, and web apps, but I’m not experienced with Visual Studio, or with all the plumbing and low level requirements for lots of the things I’ll be talking about here. This is a personal account of how I tried to handle the lack of developer tools familiar to me in this platform. I may be wrong on many occasions and will welcome fixes and pointers to help me solve the challenges explained below.