Cool Links of The Week #2

Links Bacanas da Semana 2016

Gave both a talk and a workshop about doing IoT with Tessel 2 and JS. Best. Event. Ever.

I had a catastrophic failure in my slide software during that talk. Both Firefox and Chrome failed. I got a bit scared and in my opinion couldn’t recover well. Still, the workshop on the next day was great.

BrazilJS booth experience for Mozilla Community

This post covers my thoughts on our BrazilJS booth experience. Our booth is always one of the most popular ones at BrazilJS, not only because it has free coffee but also because it has a really engaging team and activities, in this brief post I will list some of the sucessful actions that the community team present at the event took that could be replicated elsewhere.

What is your dream for the Web?

Our booth rear (and only) wall was made of glass panes that formed the Firefox logo. Juliana from the Altos Eventos crew had an idea to bring bright permanent markers and decorate the glass. This idea evolved into an call to action for the conference attendees: “What is your dream for the Web?”.

our wall

our wall

This call to action was spread on our social networks and also word of mouth as attendees visited our booth. It was pretty sucessful and in the end we had a very livelly wall with different languages and messages. This action brought attendees and Mozilla together in their shared dreams for the Web. I believe this should be replicated in community oriented events as it brings a playful tone to otherwise boring corporate booths.

young dreamer

young dreamer