Network Tracer

Network Tracer for LiveCode from Amora Labs on Vimeo.

How to use

Just open the aagNetworkTracerDashboard.livecode in the IDE. It will start working as soon as it opens. In doubt, click the activate button.

Also check the inclusions for your standalones. This library needs JSON and Internet.

Testing it

To test it out open the network tracer demo.livecode. It has two buttons to demonstrate the normal usage and also what happens when it intercepts an error. Clicking them should populate the dashboard.

Create standalones, try the demo stack in other IDEs on other machines on the same LAN, try on mobile and Desktop. It should just work

What if it doesn’t work

The library uses UDP Broadcasts to shout its messages on LAN. The U in UDP means unreliable. A message may be lost by the router or even arrive multiple times.

Firewalls also may be blocking the dashboard from receiving UDP Broadcasts. You may need to open an incoming UDP on port 8001 on your firewall.

How to contact me

just at support at andregarzia dot com


After you start using the library, it should be ready. You can also explicit enable it by calling ntEnableNetworkTracer and disable it before shipping your software by calling ntDisableNetworkTracer.

To send messages use ntInfo "your message string", the data should arrive at the dashboard.

Buying it

The plugin costs GBP 40 and you can buy it using the button below, but before doing so, be aware that I am offering a bundle of the tools, db lib and the network tracer for GBP 100, the link for the bundle is in the next section. If you want only the tracer, then use the button below:

Don’t miss the bundle

There is now a bundle of the Network Tracer, AAG | Tools plugin collection and DBLib for the discounted price of GBP 100, this is 30% off the normal price. You can get all the plugins from AAG | Tools plus the most developer friendly database library, plus the new Network Tracer together in this bundle. To take advantage of this bundle, use the buy now button below: