DBLib — A minimalist database library for LiveCode.

DB Lib, a minimalist database library for LiveCode from Andre Garzia on Vimeo.


I am now dual licensing this library. Your options are:

The libraries releases are available at the release page. The development is now being tracked on Github at the DB Lib repository.

Recent History:

What it is

This package is composed of three libraries, one called DB Lib that sits on top of RevDB and talks directly with a database server, another called RemoteDBLib which talks to a PHP file which talks to the database server, this one is the one that should be used over the internet, and an add-on called Data Storage Lib. DB Lib is a little ORM library to be used on mobile applications. This library is inspired by RevIgniter, Rails and others.

Included is the Data Storage Lib add-on that offers NoSQL local document storage. DB Lib is tested and targeted at SQLite but it works with other databases supported by RevDB. The NoSQL add-on works locally using SQLite files as a storage medium.

Don’t miss the documentation and the video.


There are three main resources for documentation:


Use the issues system or drop me an email at support@andregarzia.com

Refund Policy

My refund policy is simple. You have 30 days to ask your money back and then I will refund your transaction.

Download & Purchase

DB Lib is a dual licensed library. Commercial licenses can be purchased for GBP 60 by clicking the button below.

Those looking for the GPL version, can download the release from the releases page.