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Another windy and rainy day in London

Today is a gray and windy day here in London but that is to be expected as we’re approaching the end of the year. There are few things I like more than sitting on a coffee shop and watch the city walk by. I don’t to this as often as I did in Brazil but I had some minutes to wait and decided it was a good option to sit outside for a coffee.

photo of me sitting at an outside table drinking coffee

photo of me sitting at an outside table drinking coffee

Doing sushi again

Twenty one years ago I went to a sushi making course at the Brazil-Japan Cultural Institute. I was learning to make sushi for an ulterior motive, there was good money to be made as a sushiman in Brazil and I wanted to open a little Sushi popup kiosk at a major nightclub in my city. Unfortunately, that plan never materialized as my partners in that kiosk moved on to do other stuff before we could actually open. Still, I grew fond of sushi and started freelancing a bit and doing it at parties for my friends. It became a part of how my friends perceived me. For a long time, my nickname among that group of friends was in fact sushi or andre sushi when they needed to be specific.

Enjoying a rainy day at Foyles

London woke up in a rainy mood today. This is her usual mood thus no one was impressed, except my wife who sees in the cold chilly wind and inclement fine rain, a signal of the end of Summer and the short sleeves luxury it afforded us tropical immigrants. Being a Brazilian I should hate this kind of weather but from a very young age I came to love rain and storms. After finishing my work, with the rain pouring outside, I fished in my mind for an excuse to go out.