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Development Oriented Development is a novel approach to coding with LiveCode that prioritizes developer comfort and robustness by favouring treating LiveCode as a mouldable environment. By the end of this book, you'll know how and why to build custom plugins to make your development workflow easier, and how bespoke project-specific tools lead to software that is easier to maintain.

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What will you learn

By the end of this book, you’ll no longer be a tenant living inside an unchanging LiveCode IDE. You’ll have a home inside the IDE that is organised and built to suit your unique needs. You’ll be able to reason about what tools would make your projects easier and then build those tools alongside your project. You’ll also unlock the skills necessary to partake into the very rewarding experience of developing and sharing your own tools with the rest of the community.

This is not a book teaching you how to program but a book to help you understand what, why, and when to develop something that at first glance does not appear to be your primary product. It is about the constellation of tools that surround building and maintaining a software product. In the end, it is about changing your approach and understanding of how to work with LiveCode.

In LiveCode Advanced Application Architecture book, I focused on the product you are building: how to organise your code, how to name things, how to reuse your earlier work. This book is about how to make it easier to do all the stuff mentioned in the previous book.

Who is this book for

The target audience for the book is intermediate LiveCode developers, people who are already comfortable inside LiveCode IDE working with their own LC-based projects and want to take the next step in their development journey.

If you are a new LiveCode developer, it might be too early for you to benefit from the content presented in this book. I’d recommend you go through the official LiveCode lessons and documentation first.

It is much better to read this book after you’ve done some projects of your own. This book shines when you already have experience with multiple projects, so that you can compare the ideas being presented here with your previous work.

Table of Contents

  • Part One - A Mouldable Environment
  • What Are Mouldable Environments?
  • Appliances versus Toolboxes
  • What Are Plugins
  • How Plugins Work
  • Case Study - My file drag plugin
  • Case Study - My Type Tool plugin
  • What Are Your Needs?
  • Sample - Building a Simple Plugin
  • Full IDE Modification
  • Case Study - TinyIDE
  • Case Study - Devolution
  • Case Study - GLX2 Script Editor
  • Conclusion
  • Part Two - Project Oriented Tools
  • Project Oriented Tools
  • Each Project Is Its Own Island
  • Bespoke Tools Can Make Your Project Easier
  • Case Study - Development Palettes
  • A Tools-first Approach
  • Final Words

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