During RunRevLive.08 I gave four talks about all sorts of Web stuff:

Brace Yourself for the 7 Super Secrets of Rev CGI

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We guarantee this session will change the way you think of Rev from now on. Once you see how great Rev GGI’s work on web servers, and how simple they are to create, you’ll want to start using them on all sorts of websites. And with the included world premiere latest versions of RevOnRockets and Rockets Editor, we expect you’ll begin writing your own CGI’s the very same day!

Why bother with MySQL, when all you need is a store locator database, or a website catalog? In fact, there are numerous easy to setup, high performance Rev CGI’s which enable you to quickly and easily add dynamic website capabilities without having to learn SQL or php, or configure database server technologies. While a small portion of this talk will focus on setting up Rev CGI’s on servers, most of the session focuses on how to create Rev CGI’s and will go over workflow and architecture techniques. Plenty of examples will be given out, along with the latest free release of RevOnRockets and the first-time free release of the new “Rev CGI Missing Link” workflow enhancement tool, Rockets Editor.

This was co-hosted by Chipp Walters.

Other sessions

Unfortunately the wayback machine didn’t cache the data from the other sessions but I believe the last one, Internet Kitchen, was a kind of workshop/unconference.

  • Internet Applications II: XML, SOAP, RPC
  • Exchanging Data Over the Internet
  • Internet Kitchen

Memories from the event

Found some nice quotes from my past self.

“RevOnRockets was created out of necessity. I needed a better way to develop web application from inside the Revolution IDE. I wanted to use the debugger, I wanted to use stacks, I wanted everything RunRev offers and I wanted to deploy on a server. This would be an enormous effort if I used another tool but with Runtime Revolution, I could not only create my own tools to help my development but have lots of fun at the same time.” — me, about my old suite of CGI tools.

Look at me doing cross-platform software and reusing code between desktop and the web in 2008:

“Runtime Revolution enables fast development. I can avoid the code-upload-explode-debug workflow that most web developers experience because I can work all the core routines from the comfort of the Revolution IDE. I am able to deal with all the recent technologies with ease because Revolution projects are very easy to maintain and don’t add unecessary complexity to my projects. There’s also a bonus because I can re-use code from web applications in desktop applications and vice versa. It’s a win-win scenario for me. Try doing web development in VB.Net or doing desktop applications in JSP! Yes, Revolution is truly the code once, deploy anywhere, tool for me.” — Andre doing what the cool kids would be doing in 2019.

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