New Patchfox Release: v2020.8.1


Patchfox v2020.8.1

Patchfox v2020.8.1

Release 2020.8.1

Major feature: More Info

Learn more about it in %UbK6ZACB6uFJU0+JDHtnvPW1mV2c2QAq3dXYnKkmcFg=.sha256.


  • Core Components:

    • LAYOUT: hovering an AvatarTile now shows a pointer cursor.
    • MAYBE FEATURE: changed the VoteCounter to require a click before fetching votes. The amount of ssb-ws calls flying around in a message list was too damn high.
  • Hub:

    • LAYOUT: changed the size of message id display on top of thread.
    • LAYOUT: optimized the text on the top of channel display options.
    • FEATURE: the channel view has a new option to show only root messages.

Learn more at Patchfox, or go directly to AMO.

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