Worlds Largest Coffee Tasting Review


So it happened today and it was a great experience. James asked everyone to avoid posting about the coffees tasted for some days to give a chance to those that were not able to experience it live to enjoy it without influences. The whole event lasted about an hours and you can watch it all if you want on this link for the Youtube recording.

The kit

It was really well made, I’m amazed that they shipped 17 thousand kits worldwide and it cost only 8 pounds for me to have it.

It came in a box

It came in a box

This is the box we received.

Kits content

Kits content

This its contents.

The kit included a cute paper griffon, a gain size sample, five unspecified coffee samples labeled A to E, a mineral supplement for distilled/ionized water. Unfortunately I couldn’t source distilled or ionized water in time to use the mineral supplements. The plan is that by using that everyone would “use the same water” but I had to settle for still water from the grocery store as my tap water is a bit to hard.

The experience

I was delayed getting ready to the live event because I was having a pint at a local put (empty of locals and using an outdoor table) with my wife. It took me a while to hand-grind all the coffee and assemble the stuff I was going to use.



Ready to rock!



The different packs, all ready to go.

The process was quite easy and enjoyable even though I did a bit of a mess in the table.




I managed to get the livestream going on the TV in front of the table so that I could watch it and enjoy the coffee at the same time.



Learning a ton about coffee today.



The video was great.

The whole experience was great for me. One hour quite well spent. I think I am much better equipped to understand what I like about coffee now than I was yesterday. 😸

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