Early version of 'Three Days In Theme Park Red' Released


The TroikaFest! Jam just ended a couple hours ago. I had high hopes for my project for this jam, but it appears that I aimed too high. Instead of a simple and small manageable project, I decided to go all in and build a complex adventure/sphere. I thought I could write it all in a month, but I have been feeling quite slow, and writing has been extremely hard lately. I think that Gareth L Powell summarised what I’m feeling very well in his post called 'Struggling to create? You’re not alone’. My day job has been a bit stressful for a long time, and by the time I clock off, I have no energy left to write (I should wake up earlier and write in the morning). So, it is no wonder that when the clock turned ten in the evening yesterday, I had about 60% of the book done.

I was laying in my bed feeling like crap. I didn’t want to miss the jam, but I didn’t want to publish something incomplete. I decided to just give up and sleep. It didn’t last long, I couldn’t sleep at all, so I went back to the computer and logged into the MAC Discord, to chat around. I told people about my problem, that I couldn’t complete my project, and people were extremely encouraging and warm. The jam organiser, told me they’d accept late submissions, and also that publishing an incomplete version and updating later was possible.

Doing this kind of development in the open appeals to me. That is how we usually work on FOSS projects. With that in mind, I reframed my perspective about my project, instead of looking at it like an incomplete ugly duckling, I decided to see an in-development ugly duckling. I wrote some placeholders to make sure we had a skeleton of most of it, and published an early version.

It took me five minutes to make this cover, be gentle.
It took me five minutes to make this cover, be gentle.

Three Days In Theme Park Red

Three Days In Theme Park Red is an adventure and its own sphere. Players are dropped into the most exciting theme park in all the known spheres, the vacation of a lifetime. What most visitors don’t actually know is that the park is deadly and many who venture in that sphere never return. It is up to the players to survive the park experience package and on the third day, board the departing Golden Barge.

Features (in-development)

  • 6 different objectives for the party which completely alters their PoV on the park experience.
  • 8 rides and attractions, each their own small pointcrawl or encounter.
  • A simple but effective economy system to push players into deadly rides.

You can grab an early version at Three Days In Theme Park Red itch.io page.

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