TroikaFest! Report 1: Working on 'Three Days in Theme Park Red'.


TroikaFest! is in full swing and when I looked earlier today there were already more than 30 submissions on I’ve been working slowly on my little sphere nee adventure for the jam since the first and hope to be able to ship some alpha version soon.

I was supposed to be working on another adventure for Troika! called Hyper-Acryllic Railroad but then on the late hours of the 31st of March, I had a totally new idea that was much simpler to move forward. In the beginning it didn’t had any name attached to it, but it happened in a sphere that was a theme park. As the ideas bubbled in my mind, the name became obvious: Three Days in Theme Park Red.

My own home has been too distracting for me. My wife and I have been working from home for the past six months, and personally, I’ve been working from home for about 16 years. So, staying in the computer at home felt too much like working. I was sure that to fully develop this seed of an adventure, I needed to be outside, away from my own work environment. Lucky for me, it was a sunny day. I took my paper scratchbook, a gazillion pens, and went for a walk.

The initial brainstorm for Three Days in Theme Park Red.
The initial brainstorm for Three Days in Theme Park Red.

Once the sun was going down and London became a bit too chilly to be writting gonzo stuff outside, I moved back home and spent some hours transferring what I had into a scrivener project.

Scrivener is awesome.
Scrivener is awesome.

I wish I was working faster, and that I had something more useful to share already. Maybe later this week, I’ll be able to share some alpha version of this adventure.

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