Goodriddance: a WebExtension to help search books from Goodreads in The StoryGraph


Like many other authors, I’m also a voracious reader, and part of my daily slow morning routine is checking some reviewers and booktubers I like for new book recommendations. A way that many people share book recommendations is by linking to Goodreads. I don’t really like that site and switched to The StoryGraph while they were still in beta.

I have been reading more books than in the recent years, but if my usage of The StoryGraph is the cause or the effect behind my recent reading, I don’t know. I’m using it mostly to (manage my TBR)—which can be viewed (viewed here on the site as well)—and to keep track of my reads. I’m also enjoying the book recs it gives me even though most of them are already on my radar.

Anyway, I was really tired of getting a link to a book on Goodreads and then opening a new tab, launching The StoryGraph, and looking for the same book there. It added repetitive friction to the joy of adding even more books to your neverending TBR. So, I had some time to kill while I waited for a process on my job to finish, and decided to tackle that problem. The result is a new browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome called Goodriddance. It adds a button to the Goodreads interface that helps you search the same book at The StoryGraph. Check out how it works on the video below:

If you’re also a user of The StoryGraph and would like to install this add-on on your browser, use the links below:

The source code is available at the “Goodridance repository at GitHub”.

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