The Goblin Den


Zix got the quest from a notice board in the tavern. Goblins were plaguing the city and of course the city watch didn’t care. It was up to the city watch rejects to go clear that mess.

This was to be their first mission, their launchpad for a new life with purpose.

The Goblin Den.
The Goblin Den.
The Goblin Den was an adventure in the the city watch rejects guild campaign played using the rules from Four Against Darkness.

The dungeon entrance was a long antechamber with three doors. There were noises coming from the rightmost door and that is where they went. Surprising the four orcs on the other side was they moved through the room easily. This adventure was looking quite easy.

Until in the fourth room they encountered a minotaur and panicked.

—“Cast something!”, Clara shouted.

Sebastian was just too nervous and the spell fizzled. The rest of the party tried their best but they couldn’t hit the monster. It was after the minotaur hit Clara that they all realised this was for real, that either they got their shit together or they were not going to leave that room.

Surviving the minotaur took a lot of struggle. Clara and Inah attacked the beast using their coordinated moves while Zix flanked and attacked from the back. Sebastian mostly stayed out of the way but attempted and attack or two.

In retrospect, moving north after the minotaur was a mistake. The path led to a dead end filled with goblins and goblin swarmlings. Those vermin are a horrible nuisance for the city watch and for inexperienced adventures like our heroes a very dangerous problem.

Backtracking to the minotaur lair, they decided to pursue another path east. Nothing prepares you to meet an angry fungi folk for the first time.

When they finally finished with the fungi, Sebastian just exhaled and decided to move to the next room.

—“let’s get this done quickly.”

A dart flew by as soon as he stepped through the door. Luckily Sebastian is a very short mage and the dart was aimed at the height of someone who was not so vertically challenged.

—“Whatever happens, DO NOT TOUCH THAT STATUE!” Inah said when they moved to the next corridor. In the center of the corridor there was a huge statue of a fungi princess with her arms extended to the sky.

They carefully moved around it.

Gutural sounds and screams lied behind the door at the end of the corridor. It was a hard door to open, it required both Inah and Clara forcing it. It was as if it was barricaded.

Eight goblins were mounting a defensive position with both doors barred. Dead fungi folk were everywhere. Apparently those two don’t get along together, who knew.

Fungi folk reinforcements came from the northern door.

—“I’ll never eat mushroom stew again” said Zix while flanking the fungi folk.

Fighting goblins and fungi was not a silent business and their screams attracted the attention of something big.

They heard it coming from the corridor in the east, a big ogre.

They were not skilled enough to fight an ogre. Clara held her sword so tight that that her nails dugg into her palm. Inah started praying. Zix looked for a way out. Sebastian read a scroll of sleep, and the ogre fell...

What they did to the sleeping ogre was not honourable or pretty, but it was better than dying in the hands of an awake ogre.

Backtracking through the dungeon was not easy, specially when they encountered zombie goblins (courtesy of fungi priests for sure) but they persevered and survived.

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